Friday, August 21, 2009

and another item up for grabs!

My Lovely new desk in the craft room has 2 neat little drawers for filing, so we no longer need this brilliant filing cabinet (Measurements: 18” w x 26”h x 21”d)

It's uber sturdy and works well - but the bottom drawer doesn't comepletely close - it's just slightly off, but I'm sure a capable handy husband could fix it (Mr Honi's simply never attempted to fix it in the past)

Only for pick up in SYDNEY. Leave me a comment if you'd like ther filing cabinet, and I'll draw this one on TUESDAY

Ps- You are able to leave a comment on each item I post if you want each item. I use the random generator to pick the winner (your number is the order in which you commented) which means it is all fair and randomly drawn. If you win multiple items - that's ok :)

PPS - No, I'm pretty positive that your luck won't run out if you "bid" for several items :)

PPPS - Yes, I know I should post ALL the items i intend on getting rid of so that you can "hold out" for something you really want, but I'm still unsure myself!! It is literally a case of loading each item up here as I find them in the garage!!

1 comment:

Kristy said...

oh yay I won something! I never win anything.... Thank you muchly for your dress form, I'll treat her well