Friday, August 21, 2009

Next Item Up for Grabs.

Well, it appears that my beloved dressmakers bust didn't have quite the attraction I thought she would with only 2 players in the game. All good though! I entered the 2 players into the random generator, and the winner is KRISTY @ Lower your presser Foot!

Kristy - I will send you an email re picking her up :)

Next item up for grabs is a surfboard.

I bought this from a car boot sale with the intention of painting it and make it a totally super, radically awesome wall hanging.
The surfboard has been sitting in my kitchen now for oh, around 3 years. So it's time for it to go to a better home!

Again, this is only for people who can pick the item up from SYDNEY. If you would like to go into the draw for this Surfboard, please leave me a comment indicating you'd like it! I will draw this one on MONDAY!

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