Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WIP: Quilt

Well, slowly but surely, my first quilt is coming together. By the time I probably finish it Mr Honi and I will have frozen our toes off this winter!!!

Here is my pile of squares to sew

some sewn squares

and all the sewn sqaures laid out. I'm pretty happy with it- although I'll need to make sure the colours all blend in well. It's meant to have a white square in between each coloured square, but I kinda think I like it like this!


Fibo said...

Bec you are my guardian angel, that was exactly the right lamp shade! Now I have to decide between going out and buying it or attempting to sew my own, maybe I'll buy one, study it, and then try to duplicate it... yes that seems like a good idea :)
massive pat on the back for the lamp spotting!

Kathy said...

I love this, so beautiful!