Thursday, February 21, 2008

30 days of the Nineteen

i walked out onto my balcony this morning and could have sworn that the city was on fire.
The sky was a brilliant mix of reds and oranges, and if you look really close in the bottom right hand corner, you can see the Sydney city skyline, with billowing clouds that look just like smoke
(and no, this photo is not doctored in any way. Those were the EXACT colours in the sky!)


Drewzel said...

Wow! that is super pretty! Great photo.

Hey Bec, don't forget to check Mrs. Stitchybritches, you won a little prize, so you need to email me your snail mail addy! xx steph

starashan said...

wow, that's an incredible photo! awesome colours. and wow again- you were up early!!

sosser said...

what a beautiful photo! so worth getting up early for.