Monday, February 18, 2008

7 things....

I was tagged by the lovely Claire and have been a total slacker and haven't got around to posting. So here goes....

1. I have a bit of a fascination with taking photos in cemetries. It sounds completely morbid, but they have the most beautiful stone statues and always have stunning flowers. Is that wrong??

2. My first cat's name was Schooner (my dad named her, and yes sh was named was after a schooner glass!)

3. I've only been out of the country twice - once to the US and once to Hawaii. (yes, yes I KNOW they're both the US, but Hawaii doesn't feel like it's in America)

4. This Jetty in the Central Coast is named after my family. Parry's Jetty

5. My first name is actually Rebecca, but nobody calls me that. I always used to sepll my name Beck, but when I went to uni I decided to drop the K, so it became Bec (truly, i am a dork!)

6. I worked in a pub for 3 years and completely loved it. Sometimes I think about quitting my job in an office and going back to the pub. I always had the funnest times work there

7. I am an only child, and incredibly spoilt!! nah, I'm not spoilt but I DID get everything I ever wanted as a child - but I always had to work to get it.

Well now I need to find seven bloggers who haven't been tagged......i might get around to that a little later...


Claire Falkingham said...

Hey Beck! I love 'meeting' adults that are only children, you see we've only managed to concieve one, in over 7 years - she was hard to make - 8 IVF cycles, and I've done a few more cylces to have a 2nd, but to no avail. Long story short, I can't imagine not having siblings, her world is so unusual to me - luckily she is a really happy girl, and very social, and no tooooo spoilt!!

starashan said...

I cemetery fascination too, especially really old ones in out of the way country towns. They are so beautiful and peaceful.