Thursday, February 14, 2008

This is....what makes me laugh out loud..

Thanks to Poppalina for this weeks "this is...." meme
Am I allowed to use videos??
Becuase this is what makes me laugh out loud.
Talking animals.

If I'm not allowed to use a video, then I'd have to say Mr Honi is what makes me laugh out loud. He always knows what to say to make me smile and to make me laugh - wether it be a small giggle or a full on belly shaking laugh.


shula said...

Absolutely you are allowed to use videos.

Maggie Pie said...

omg, that is freaky funny! My four year old insisted on watching them all several times.

Lesley-Ann said...

Oh that movie is a bit creepy! But it is funny though! Saw something like that with newborn babys who said something like 'hello' when they were just born. That was truely freaky!

Have a great day!