Friday, February 1, 2008


Ok....I am totally stoked, excited and a little sickie in a nervous kinda way.......

I have just signed up for my very first online shop through Big Cartel. I am super nervous and have a lot of work to do on it.

First off I think I need the help of a more talented graphic designer - preferrably one that doesn't use Microsoft paint to create their banner (as I attempted last night!)

I will be selling handmade things I have made such as dresses, jewellery, quilts (when I get a few more under my belt) and a range of vintage items my Great Aunty gave to me to sell for her - such as these little beauties!

I haven't loaded anything on there as yet as I need to sort out all my accoutns and stuff. but bookmark it, and I'll post updates as soon as I've loaded a few goodies on there! :)


Claire Falkingham said...

Well done on your shop, can't wait to see it stocked! Thanks leaving a comment on my blog, I would never have found you otherwise!

Drewzel said...

Yeah, can't wait to see the stock!!!
And you inspired me to start one at big cartel too, what a great idea.