Monday, February 18, 2008

Lunie Park

For something completely different to do, a group of use decided to go to Luna Park (or Lunie Park as it has always been known as in my family) on Friday night. I went there a few years ago, quite smashed at a work function, so I didn't get to appreciate how gorgeous it really is!!

It's so nice to see that they've kept a heap of the old vintage stuff from the old days like posters and photographs and I even saw a few of those old clown heads that you throw balls into. It;s a pity though that it really does attract a dodgey crowd of teeny boppers thrilled to bits that they're "out on the town" with other little 14 year olds........i'm getting old and crotchety now!!

They also had some really old games in Coney Islnad - although I wasn't quite game enough to play this one!!

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Cass said...

I haven't been to Luna Park for years. I should really take the kids one weekend