Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Batch of Tommies!

Our first successful batch of Tommies!!! After the miseries we had a year ago with possums, it's sooo exciting to pull in our first crop!!

Some of the got a little burnt with the hot weather we had recently, but we've got enough here to make a nice bruchetta for dinner tonight.

I'd love to grow more things in our backyard. We've got rosemary and mint and chives, but you just can't beat picking your own food and eating it - it tastes a million times better than store bought, plus knowing you nurtured it from a seed makes it all the more satisfying!


Veronica Darling... said...

OMG they look delicious!

Hope you're Husbie is getting better! My Husbie's mum had to get an operation this week too, for veins! It must be very painful!

Kylie said...

They do look fabulous. And yes, I totally agree - it's magical harvesting your own. Kx