Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Creative Space Thursday

Wow. It’s great to be participating in My Creative Space again. I find it gives me a bit of direction, a focus, something to work towards – a goal to finish a project so that I can blog about it.
EDIT - just checked Kirsty's site - is it still MCS happening??

I’ve got 2 things to show you this week. Firstly, I gave myself a little bit of colour therapy and colour co-ordinated my fat quarters. I’ll have to take some pictures of the cupboards because they look AWESOME now!! (click on the image to see it properly. Darned blogger cuts the edges off my pics!!) I can now easily create colour schemes for quilts etc.

The second thing I have to show to you is a little electrical experiment. I have always adored “mini” things - like little scenes, doll houses, viewmasters – little things that you can imagine yourself inside. I should post some pics of my glorious childhood dollhouse. I still dream about living inside it! Plus I have my little collection of Mini viewers.

So, I decided to make a prototype for a little mini viewer.

I bought a collection of mini circus people from Vinnies and have been thinking about what I can do with them. So I took an old film canister, some LED lights, electrical wire and a battery and created a little mini light box with a light-up scene showing a little sword swallower.

What do you think?? (click on the images to enlarge!)

This is a close up of the little guy using a flash


Kylie said...

Oh wow!! I am seriously impressed. Love your fat quarters all colour-coordinated like that (especially loved the glass of wine as integral part of any organising!) and also loved your mini light box and circus performer. Just soooo cool :)
Kirsty did give a re-start date for MCS last year (which I can't remember) but my guess is that it's next week after the kids start back at school. She has a big girl starting high school next week (as do I) so I can tell you it's pretty busy around here just getting ready for that :)
Lovely space Bec. Kx

p.s. Love the word verification for this comment - ungym... better yet if it had been anti-gym!).

Kirsty said...

Don't the colour co-ordinated fats look great.

Kicking off officially next week Bec...hope to see you then. x