Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The blur that was Christmas...

Well Christmas whizzed past so quickly and next thing I know I'm back here at my desk at work. As I was on a big of a blog hiatus I thought I would share a few pics from the festive season. I found a cool application for my HTC Dream phone, called “Toy cam” which is AWESOME! Jess has a similar one for her iPhone – and I agree with her statement that you can’t beat a film camera, but this is still pretty darn cool

As mentioned Mr Honi and I drove up to QLD which was lovely. We saw the big prawn

And the big banana

Drove on dirt roads

And saw some cool things being towed

And we saw quaint little country homes that I would have KILLED to go into! I bet if Id’ dropped in we would have been served fresh scones with home made jams and tea in fine bone china teacups with matching saucers (well, that’s my little fantasy of country life!!)

We also got a bit festive at work and I made some HUGE spindles and baubles to decorate our team area

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Kylie said...

Oh wow... this is just a feast for the eyes Bec! I'm really loving these photos too... and your decorations are amazing. Everything looks so BIG, not just the prawn and banana! ;)) Thanks for sharing these - just loved it. Kx