Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not as easy as it looks….

After looking through this Flickr pool, I was possessed to purchase the 200 crochet blocks book. “Pfft…I can totally do these” I naively thought.

Now, I can say that I think I have mastered the Granny square – but that’s where my crochet talent ends. Attempt one was so disgraceful, I couldn’t even photograph it. Working in rows isn’t my bag it seems.
So, with my head hanging low, I’ll show you attempt number Two. It’s EVEN WORSE than attempt one!!

What it SHOULD look like (another fine example of it here)

What it DOES look like......Oh god! It's hideous!!!!

I think I have tension issues. I’m worried I’m not holding the hook right, or weaving the yarn around my finger right. I have a feeling I crochet into the wrong holes. I think my yarn and hook choice are mismatched and I know for sure I can’t count stitches properly.
Oh help me crochet gods, help me!!


A Life So Peachy said...

don't give up! As you know, I was once part of the "i can't do it, frustrated, crochet wannabe family". But I persevered and i am very confident that if i can do it, you can too. First I got a bigger hook (5 or 5.5, i'm not sure) and to overcome my tension issues, I just practised doing rows and rows of each stitch which wasn't very exciting and I didn't really achieve much (except dishcloths)! Then I found Attic 24... she has some great tutorials with really good instructions & pictures.
Anyway, i'm sure I could have waited 'til tonight to tell you but I just couldn't, I didn't want to risk you you losing hope between now & then..!
jess xx

yardage girl said...

Not hideous - ART! It's sure better than mine would be, so well done and carry on! Nic

PaperLion said...

Oh god! It's hideous!!!! -- hahahaha, made me laugh out loud reading that!

I have to admit that I didn't pick up my crochet hook after my first go at Brown Owls. Can't imagine trying to work it out on my own.

You're very talented, I'm sure you'll get there in the end! Maybe you can make this attempt into a name badge somehow tonight, just so's it's not wasted!!

Gina said...

Oh Bec, your crochet square is just sooo bad it's AWESOME! It's totally made my day! Thanks for sharing it. It takes a certain kind of confident woman to share her 'craftastrophies'... you rock.

Veronica Darling... said...

I agree it's kinda funny because of it's cutie wobbliness!

Crochet is totally tricky, but I guess you just need to keep doing it over and over and over to get it right. I'm not even attempting anything so rigid yet, I've done a few toys in the round, and have tried a few rows that have turned into flowers. Squares look SO hard that might be one for wintertime for me!


Kylie said...

Oh my... I'm with Gina... but I can totally relate! I've had similar problems and you are so much the better woman for showing your craftastrophies! You've already mentioned all the suggestions I would have thought of... Good luck with try no. 3. Sometimes it takes many tries... my crochet hexagons took me about 10 tries to get right (and that was with the right hook and yarn!) Hang in there Bec - you'll get there :) K

CurlyPops said...

OMG that's hilarious.. thanks so much for sharing it!
It reminds me of the reason why I don't crochet either.

Amy (badskirt) said...

my advice... go back to Lacy Cross. I think it's #19. Work it until you get tension sorted and holding figured out. put away all of your wool and try it with something with more structure like 100% cotton

I love your effort though!

Amy (badskirt) said...

I figured it out!!! You don't have enough spokes on the center wheel. You should have 12 spokes radiating out. You're missing a few and that will completely throw off your count!

One Flew Over said...

Don't give up! Once you get the hang of the hook...you wont want to put it down x

kim at allconsuming said...

This is totally what my attempt would look like. I hear crotchet is a snap but it all has to do with how you hold the hook. Or some such. And no, that is not a euphemism for anything else. Pfft.

Car said...

A year ago - I totally SUCKED at crochet. I had asked MIL repeatedly to show me and no matter what I could NOT learn this silly art that was so suddenly everyone's new Black!

Then I purchased a book called Learn to Crochet - it was $10 from Big W and I taught myself over the Easter break! I'm now hooking it with the best of them (although mine are still far from perfect)

Keep up the practice - the 5.5 hook is a great idea and hold your hook facing down (makes it easier to pull the wool through - learnt this trick from MIL)

missi mu said...

I'm one of those girls that threw down the hook and resolved to try again next winter, but don't you give up! I've heard that once you've learned the art you're hooked (pardon the pun)! Give me hope for this winter.