Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Creative Space Thursday

It seems that most of you were tickled pink by my craftastrophies!! So, by popular demand here is the first train-wreck (this one was much better than the blue attempt- not so much hideousness!)

This is AFTER being blocked too!! I’m still puzzled by the “growth” in the top left corner. The whole block reminds me of those tests that were done on Spiders under the influence, and the webs they built…
Thankyou all - especially Amy for your help! Turns out I TOTALLY miscounted from row one, putting the entire thing out of whack.

But I do feel that I need to show proof that I CAN do the granny square. So for my Creative Space this week (which happened to be the lounge) I channelled the uber-creative Kirsty and attempted her “mini granny” (as seen here)…..
Turned out pretty swish I think!


Kirsty said...

It did turn out pretty swish! Good on you Bec. I must say I quite like your miscount too.

Kylie said...

Very swish! Gorgeous in fact :) Loved that link to spiders under the influence! Kx

yardage girl said...

I still think it's art - go with it - it could be the next big thing in crochet! Nic