Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Our once flourishing tommy plan was rudely demolished in the cover of darkness the other night. We awoke to find one of the stakes bent right to the ground providing a nice little ramp for our resident possums to climb up and devour our juicy produce.
I had gone to great lengths to protect the budding tomatoes that were growing, by placing the toe of a stock over EACH ONE and then stapling it in place.
The possums managed to de-bunk my protection methods and ripped the toms off the tree and ate through the stocking.

We are so annoyed. I am no longer allowed to mention the words “possum” or “tomato” in the house.
what annoys me even more is that they left them HALF eaten!!!
Apologies for my bloggin absence - with a wedding to plan (only SIX weeks now!!!) I ahve been pretty crazy!!!!

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