Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Phone for Bloggers..

My new phone totally rocks. I bought the HTC Dream or "Google phone" the other day and I am in completely in love with it. I'm not normally one for techy stuff, but this is seriously a phone for bloggers!!

YES- I work for a Telco. NO- I haven't received any benefits for posting about this phone!!

I have wanted a new phone for AGES and it's taken me 5 years to decide what phone I wanted to buy!

This phone does just soooooo much. Here's just some of the things it can do:
- I can use Gmail on it
- I can check my blog, and all my lovely readers blogs on it. It has a complete web browser with a touch screen AND a mouse to ensure easy browsing
- I can take a picture and email it to my blog which creates a post!!
- I get all my comments emailed to me, so because I can access Gmail, comments come through to me like an SMS message
Other things I can do:
- use the qwerty keyboard - which makes emailing sooooo easy
- check google maps with street view (perfect for finding my way to Brown Owl meets)
- do google searches
- Facebook
- YouTube
- download any number of free applications which do things from providing an on-screen ruler to tracking my menstrual cycle!!
Much to Mr Honi's dismay, I can now check my blogs at ANY time I want and i have 24/7 access to all things crafty on the web!!
Excuse me while I give it a quick kiss.


trashalou said...

Definitely worth a quick kiss that phone!

word verification is 'priti'. Apt, huh?

Cass said...

Look out Mr Honi you might be left at the alter for a phone!