Friday, March 20, 2009

Wedding Cameras BEFORE and AFTER

Mention the word WEDDING and everyone seems to jack up their prices. This video nails it on the head (although I promise I’m not a bridezilla!!)

We decided to have disposable cameras on each table and when we went looking for them, wedding disposable cameras were more expensive than standard ones!! So I just went into the reject shop and bought 11 “party cameras” that had a hideous cover and I made new covers for them.



Detail of glittery bits (i am, and always have been totally in love with glitter)

I totally love them now and they’ll look great on the table!! The purple ribbon around the end is the same colour as my bridesmaid dresses!!


Veronica Darling... said...

Nice work, totally agree that when it's a 'wedding' thing everyone puts the prices up! Also, don't say Hen's Night to anyone, when planning... they've got such a bad rep... but a party of girls can go anywhere without being rejected!

veri maz said...

last time i saw cameras at a wedding like that 'someone' who might have had some champagne thought it would be funny to take norti photos under the table with them.
That is until the brides mum processed them and was trying to work out who owned the distinctive tie she saw hanging down...

I'm sure you won't have guests like that ;)