Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Place I loved / Design Inspiration

I would KILL to be able to go back to this place, in this time. This was my grandparents place a long, long time ago. I have memories of learning to play the piano, hiding under the stairs and exploring in the garden.

I had patchy detail memories of the place, then mum showed me these pics the other day and it all came flooding back.

It’s no wonder I have an immense passion for Vintage things when I grew up around a place like this!
Much to Mr Honi's dismay, I adore purple and teal, cane furniture, OTT chandeliers, brocade fabric and heavily printed wallpaper


Melanie said...

The room with the green and purple cane and big big indoor plants is so awesome and I would totally love to have a room like that today

veri maz said...

wow those pix are like something out of a Belle magazine 1977.
Some great wallpapers and lounges there.