Thursday, June 28, 2007

Re-Fashioned cons

Well, things have improved slightly. Graf is still in hosptial but it's a bit better. Nuff said.

I decided to Jazz up my Converse shoes last night (btw- I can't say the word "Jazz" without thinking of this pic!!!)

RightO, back to the point! I decided that my plain old black cons needed a bit of a re-vamp so I decided to spruce them up a bit so I’ll wear them more often! I love them dearly, but my mum insists that they’re not proper “going out” shoes. So I’m hoping a little glitter and a pretty design will change her mind!

They were REALLY easy to do.

1. Draw the design onto tissue paper, and position it onto the shoe and alter until it looks right
2. With tailors chalk (or any chalk) outline your design on the REVERSE SIDE of the paper.
3. Lie the design chalk side down onto the shoe and rub over it for a few seconds until your design is transferred onto the shoe. This may seem like an arduous task, but it means that you will get identical designs on each shoe.
4. Use glitter fabric paint to fill in the design.
5. Once the paint is spread evenly, cover the entire design in fine powder glitter. This gives the best results as you need several layers of the fabric paint for it to look really “glittery”

And Viola! A new pair of cons!!

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Rebecca said...

How are there no comments? These are the coolest Converse I've seen. You did a fabulous job! Thanks for the directions! I see plenty of black Cons in thrift stores for my 6 year old, but they aren't girly enough for her. This looks like a good solution.