Friday, June 22, 2007

So Much News

Well, it has been a crazy week. On a sad note, my darling grandfather was taken to hospital after a nasty fall. He has leukaemia and needs blood transfusions, but they now think he’s developed an infection from the last transfusion. He’s still in hospital, but fingers crossed he’ll be ok.

On a brighter note, it was my birthday on Monday, and I got lots of goodies from my loving family. One of the best pressies was a bag of buttons from my Ma!!

It has one of the largest, and one of the smallest buttons I have ever seen!! (that’s my pinky finger in the shot to give you an idea!)
Plus there were some awesome little buttons in the shape of a nun, kitty, pilgrim and a few other shapes (sorry about the bad pics!!) They are sooo cute!!
I have also been a little slack with my wardrobe re-fashioning, but hopefully I can get a little bit done this weekend. It’s been so crazy I just haven’t had the time! BUT, I haven’t purchased any new clothes which is still a good thing! :)


veronica darling said...

Happy Birthday for this week! Hope you had a great day!

And best wishes to your grandpa and your family.


summer pickles said...

Yay! I love buttons... what a great pressie!
Happy birthday!