Friday, June 8, 2007

Off Topic Rant....

Since when did it become "Ok to PICK things while in public???

Yesterday, I was quite disgusted by the behaviour of 2 people on my bus in the morning and afternoon. In the morning, a well dressed man sat opposite me, smiled then proceeded to pick his nose from Ryde to North Sydney (that’s about a 40 minute ride!!) I actually moved seats.
Then in the afternoon, a lady with an elongated pinky nail decided she would clean her ears with said nail. She fussed about with her fingers in her ear and then had the hide to discard what she had removed from her ear, onto the floor of the bus. I gave her a glaring look and asked if she would mind not doing that again.

It made me so mad that people can be so disgusting in public!! Where have peoples manners gone?

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veronica darling said...

OMG that's just wrong!

I adore the buses here in Sydney for some 'relax' time before work, and would hate this!!!!!

I'm on the King Street busline though, so it's always great!

xoxo p.s. still haven't got my invite for Wardrobe Refashion.... have emailed her several times... am now worried I'm a stalker, but oh well... it's not like I'm going to do random shopping trips though!