Monday, June 4, 2007

Getting Prepared for the Challenege!

My name is Bec, and I have a "Hoarding" problem.......

To really get into the Wardrobe Refashion Challenge, I thought I would go through my wardrobe and see what I can “re-fashion”.
I realised that
1. I have a shoe problem. Are there AA meetings for this type of thing?? This is only half of my shoe collection!!!! (buttons my kitty decided to get into the action too!)

2. I have WAAAAAY too many clothes!! The 2 suitcases, 2 bags on the bed and 2 garbage bags are all clothes that won’t fit in my wardrobe.

Slightly “cleaner” closet- still chockers though - there are 3 other doors filled with stuff!!

I think this challenge is going to me the world of good!!!

Plus – I managed to close up the circle and gave some clothes to Vinnies as well.


Anonymous said...

The resemblance between your closet and mine has inspired me to pledge! Thanks for the extra push in the right direction! Love your blog.

veronica darling said...

Bec - did I see Ice Skates?

I had to get rid of my whole life collection of stuff when I moved to Sydders last year - the apartment up here is just too little compared to my 3 bedroom pad in country Victoria! It is good to have less shoes, as you really don't have enough days to wear them all! But everynow and again I remember a top or a dress, and I'm like 'oof' that would be good to have again.

xoxo Good luck in the challenge!!! I've not got my invite yet - still!!! But have emailed her again, there was an article in the paper about refashioning too - so she's probably slammed!

xoxo I still haven't bought anything new yet though!