Thursday, May 31, 2007

Material from Ma

My darling Ma let me rat through her prized sewing wardrobe last night. Mum doesn’t do nearly as many sewing projects as she used to, so let me leave with a whole bag full of material for my stash!!!
I found fabric that brought back so many childhood memories, where mum made me dresses, curtains and a bag for my piano books.

I’ve put myself on a 2 drink limit at the moment (waaay to many big nights!) so all this material has inspired me to make heaps of things - which will get me through staying in on a Friday night!!


veronica darling said...


I like the flower/stars on the white background - that reminds me of my childhood! An Art smock?

My mum wasn't a big sewer, so I've already taken all her stuff! She even gave me her machine! (It's heaps old though!)

NOW, I still haven't got an email!!! I did mail her and remind her that I'd applied too, and still haven't heard!

It's not like I'm going to go on a major shopping trip, but I'd really like to get the invite!


Bec said...

oh no!!!

Hopefully you'll get one this weekend?? suonds like she's pretty swamped with entries!!

I sneakily bought 2 pairs of shoes yesterday to get the shopping fix out of my system!! oops!! BUT they were tan boots and red mary janes for $25 each!!!

veronica darling said...

Thanks Bec-sweetie. I'll wait for the weekend, maybe she's replying alphabetically and B comes before V!

My real name is Amelia so I'm used to being first!!!!!!!!

My husband looked at your site with me just now, and he loves cats! Is that your kitty?


p.s. I feel like buying shoooooooes too!

Bec said...

haha - well my last name starts with a T, so I've always been used to being at the end of the list!!! :)

Yes, that's my little kitty Buttons. She's more like a dog than a cat! She follows me round the house all the time and is super cute! I'll post some custe photos of her soon :)

Hope you have a great weekend!!