Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Apron for a Friend

A friend of mine has just moved out of home in her first place, and after a day of cleaning, she declared herself “Suzy Homemaker” – if she only had an apron!
So I decided for her house warming I would make her one! I made the pattern myself, and used material from my stash.
My friend adored it! I love the summery print on the material – and frangipannis are her (and my) favourite flower.


Missy said...

Love it! I don't know how today's women live w/o aprons. I am a true apron convert. The flower print is gorgeous and the design terrific.


Tara said...

Hi, just visiting your blog via wardrobe re-fashion. Love the apron design! Especially the fabric. My other pledge is to try and 'comment' on blogs I Hi! Now I just have to re-fashion something so I can post it.

veronica darling said...

Is the pink bit a pocket? It was a great choice of complimentary colour with the yellow frangas and the aqua background!


Bec said...

Thanks Girls!!
Tara - that was one of my pledges too!! :)

Yep, the pink bit is a pocket. It's a little bit low, but does the job!