Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Well after my little shopping expedition at the Craft Fair on the weekend, I am housebound for the next 3 weeks I think!!! There was so much wonderful stuff there! Will post more pics soon of the stash of bits and bobs I bought.

I finally managed to finish a set of Bookmarks last night, and I’ve already sold 3 today to people at work!! WOO HOO!! Time to make the big leap and start selling things on Etsy.
If anyone wants to buy any now, let me know and we can arrange something – or do a swap

I used MOO cards for the back board .

And a BIG HELLO to my bestie Lady Amiz who has finally joined the blogosphere!!


Lady Aimz said...

and what a day we had at the Craft Fair..

I'll be putting up some pics soon of my stuff.


veronica darling said...

Yay! Get onto etsy! I've just updated a bunch of stuff last night and hoping to dedicate more time online to promo it!

I've only made 1 etsy sale so far, but I love it! I have bought a coupla things from other peeps as well! Let us know your etsy url as soon as babes!


feli said...

What a clever way to sell your designs.

Bec said...

Thanks Girls!

Am Definitely going to do Etsy now!!

Onw of my friends works in a hospital and she said she waould take them around to sell at the hospital! :)