Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moving, Packing, Stressing

...Someone wanted to help mummy pack last night!
(oh god, I've turned into one of those sad people who call their animals their children. But she kinda is my baby!!)

Anyway, I think she can sense that we're moving and that I'm a little worked up right now. She was super cute yesterday and refused to get out of the box all night except when I sat on the couch to watch "Ladette to Lady"...gosh i love that show!

On Quilting news, I have cut out another 68 squares my quilt. Why is it that I can never find time to do quilting, but when I have to pack I manage to find time to quilt and craft??? Methinks I am procrastinating to avoid packing.....BUT I only have a few more weeks to finish it before Winter ends (which was my goal!)

Will post pics tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

owhhh how cute. Missy was like that too when we were packing. She wanted to inspect every single box

Claire F said...

I HATE moving Bec, good luck with it - once you move in, unpack and get back to 'Ladette to Lady' it will all seem like a distant memory! The last time we moved (Feb) I had 15 boxes of fabric - as well as all the other crap - it kept me out of the op shops for a while though!