Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Complete Beautifulness...

This is my DREAM craft room! an Entire room full of goodness (not one filled with a couch, 2 work desks, and other junk that doesn't have a home in the house- see below for my craft room madness!!!)
Look at the colour coordinated sewing threads, textas and paints! (i have a thing for colour coordinating things). The clear bench space and organised walls.

Over at Design*Sponge they have featured the home of shauna alterio & stephen loidolt of "something's hiding in here". Not only do I love their work, and their home but I seriously love their house, and I am in complete ENVY of their Deer Collection!

Mr Honi said I could never have a Craft room like that because a) I horde too much stuff and b) I'm not the best at being tidy. Guess he's right.

But I am looking forward to setting up the new place this weekend! Have had a massive clean out and found a heap of things I forgot I owned! WOO HOO!!

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Moiface said...

Yes that craft room is really fab... but yours looks more comfy.