Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little makeover

Let me formally introduce you to Lilly. Lilly is a Bohemian Peace Blythe Doll, with an RBL head (which means she is super easy to do custom work to!) This is Lilly before I attempted any work
This is Lilly during work. Trixie and Violet looked away in disgust as I took Lilly apart. It took them a long time to realise I wasn't hurting her and it was for her own good.

And this is Lilly after!

-I gave her face a de-shine
- applied fake eyelashes
- corrected her gaze so she looks slightly upwards (although i did a tiny bit too much and so you can slightly see a black dot under the eye - where the next eye colour is)
Below is the small bar that you need to shave the tip off in order to make the eyes gaze upwards.

- gave her a nice hair cut, got rid of her "bum part" and gave her a fringe.
- replaced her pull-cord ring with a bead.
I have also removed her orange eye chips and am doing a little bit of experimenting and am trying to make some new ones from resin. The below picture is the "glue stick" method which is very quick and easy. You don't need to open the head in order to remove the eye chips. More pictures of that later though.....
And here are all my girls together. Violet and Trixie were sprung having a little 'gossip' behind Lilly's back....i think they're a little jealous of her sexy new do and her pretty beaded cord
More pictures of the girls and some more up close images of the custom work in progress on my Flickr site.

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Kylie said...

How cool is that? You are a master craftsperson, Bec! I love Trixie's glasses :) Kx