Friday, November 12, 2010

London Toy Museum

As I’m keeping a few crafty pics to show you a bit later I thought I would post some more pictures from our trip overseas. These are from the Toy Museum in London….seriously the most magical place on earth (along with Disneyland…) The museum was a rickety old 4 story house that was completely filled with toys!

Mr Honi was too tall for some of the rooms!

It had the ORIGIANL Sooty, Sweep and Sue puppets, dollhouses galore, stereo viewers and a million more beautiful dolls.

This hand decorated babies pillow was beautiful – except for the spelling of “stranger”....

Tell you what, I am LOVING dollhouses at the moment (well, I've ALWAYS loved them actually)

Does anyone else lust after this little house and the outdoor furniture?? (incluiogn the outdoor piano?)
You can click through my flickr account to see the pictures in large size..
…..This issue of Frankie has a great article about a girl who furnishes doll houses. I had a ripper when I was a kid – I’m thinking about resurrecting mine….

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Kylie said...

How fantastic to see these pics! Every year we go to London and every year I say I'm going to visit here... and never make it! Thanks for the further prod Bec... must put on the list again! ;) Kx