Monday, November 8, 2010

Drowning not waving....

Hello dear readers (well, all 2 of you who are still here, checking it to see if I’ve posted!) Despite promising in my last entry that I’d be back posting regularly, it seems that I have again been subject to a blog/craft hiatus.

A very dear girl sent me an email asking if I was ok and if I needed to be recused from any potential piles of fabric that may have fallen on me – causing my blogging /emailing absence. This made me laugh – but in a metaphorical sense I guess a big pile of fabric did land on me - stifling me completely.

You know you need to take a step back from the rotary cutter when you become physically anxious over the amount of fabric you have lying around the room. When you hide a fabric purchase from your husband like an acholic hides their gin. You also know it’s time to take a breather from reading 80 different blogs when the sight of ‘1278 unread posts’ gives you cold sweats.

Its funny how a ‘crafting passion’ can cause you be exhilarated, gleaming with elated pride over what you’ve created and then all it takes is one or two ‘craft fails’ to render you crushed and completely de-motivated. Or when the excitement of finding new inspiration turns to a dreading fear that you’re ‘behind the times’ in the fast pasted craft blog world.

After a good clean out over the last few weeks, I can feel my creative juices flowing again. I am looking ahead with a positive outlook and I will not let failed sewing attempts beat me. I will not fear my fabric hoard, but embrace it for the beauty it beholds and the projects it will deliver.

Also, I will not worry that I am a “jack of all crafts, master of none” instead I will rejoice in the fact that I am kinda cool at lots of things.

So thankyou for your patience and for returning here. Obviously I’m doing something right for you to come back! I’m in a good headspace now - let the crafting begin!

Image of a my half finished summer frock that I will start sewing again :)


SadieandLance said...

Hey great to see you back, was wondering where you were!

Veronica Darling... said...

Hey darling,

My tip would be to stop using the Reader, and just to look at your blogroll, you seem to have it listed by most recently updated at the top... then you'll not feel '100056 unread posts' at all! Phew! SO good to read your posts any old time!!!

Kylie said...

Hey, I'm the second person visiting! ;) Sorry... bad joke.
I love all of what you've said here Bec and I totally relate. Mine is a similar situation and I keep having to remind myself of the original reasons I set up my blog to get myself back on the straight and narrow. Funny that I'm currently going through my fabric stash too! I've already heaved a big bin liner full of fabric to the charity shop, but have yet to get back to the rest... no surprises there then! Your dress looks great and I love that create sign on your wall :) Kx

Kylie said...

Just pipped to the post for second place! Damn ;) Kx

veri maz said...

Hey, i feel your pain with the feed reader (tho i'm subscribing to 150+).
Some tips i have when it gets out of control is to break it down and read all the posts from certain blogs in one go, eg Notcot can be knocked over quickly and reduce that unread count fast.
Another thing is change the view to list and then just read the ones you're really interested in and then 'mark as read' for all the others...