Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A few of you may have already seen this pic on Facebook, but i thought I’d post it here too. This is Hooty the baby Tawny Frog Mouth that fell out of a tree and into my heart……(wow how corny did that sound!)
Anyway, little Hooty’s mama left him there so Mr Honi and I took him to the vets. He’s now being looked after by a WIRES carer and will be released back at our place when he’s old enough to fly.

He was the cutest little bugger ever. Masses of fluffy feathers and a beak. Apprently it's common for them to fall out of trees - this little guy was just lucky he landed on our balcony and not onto the crazy cat lady's balcony a few doors up!


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Tawnys are my fave bird. We get lots of little families here, have you seen how the stretch their necks out and go really still when they are hiding. they are so cute. look at its little face!!

Sally said...

How gorgeous. I'm so glad he was was lucky enough to fall on your balcony too!

Kylie said...

So cute :) Kx