Monday, July 12, 2010

Have I told you….

That in 13 days Mr Honi and I will be travelling through here
...and here....
...and here...
for a whole month!
We start in London and go through Belgium to Amsterdam then to Berlin onto Prague then Vienna then Slovenia, followed by Venice then down to Rome, up to Florence, through the French Riviera and up through France via Arles, Avignon, Lyon and Paris then back to London for a week.
To say "I'm excited" is a dramatic understatement!! I've never been to the UK or Europe before, but I already have the feeling it's going to be VERY hard to come home!!

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trash said...

You will have a fabulous time and it will be thrilling and exciting and wonderful but I promise taht after a month you will be ready to come home. The power of one's own bed should not be underestimated.