Friday, July 9, 2010

A bit of inspiration to warm the cockles*

I’m not one who normally posts “oo look at this cool thing” posts (although I do rather like them on other people’s blogs – as I like being shown many different inspiring things)

So to hopefully inspire you my dear readers, I just had to share with you the work of Emily Martin. Most of you are probably already familiar with her work as “The Black Apple” – she even appeared on Martha a while ago.
Her works are gorgeous eerie oil paintings of times gone by and peculiar whimsical characters. Her recent collection pays homage to the Carnival with the inspiration coming from a line of a song “lost on the mid way”. It reminds me greatly of the TV show “Carnivàle” which I simply adored (and was sadly cut waaay to short)

Do yourself a favour and check our The Black Apple and the collection “Lost on the Midway

*my Mum always used the expression "to warm the cockles" and it has always tickled my fancy!

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veri maz said...

ah Carnivale i do wish that got a better run, it is up there with Deadwood for grit but had that awesome twist to it....