Monday, July 5, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

This week’s sewing attempt was definitely a “back to the drawing board” effort. So I thought I’d give you a little bit of a rundown of The Good, The Bad and the just Plain Ugly.

The Good: The Business Shirt for Mr Honi that I’ve been working on. From a distance – it looks REAL good (unless you’re a tailor and you’ll probably be able to pick up the MASSIVE mistake pretty quickly) This is the first pattern I MADE MYSELF – so am super proud of that. This is a Good.

The collar is also Good as I managed to make those little holes where the bits of plastic slide in to make the collar sit nicely.
The sleeves are also Good as I managed to line up the stripes of the yoke, so they run nicely in a continual line.

The Bad: My Sewing machine decided to have a little ‘spack attack’ and I was left with nasty loopy thread all of the cuff.

The Ugly: The interfacing on the cuff bubbled and warped dreadfully. Like when you’d put contact on your school books and if you rushed it – you’d have nasty bubbles everywhere. Luckily this was on the inside, but it still looks just awful.

And MOST Ugly – 2 MAJOR flaws with my pattern making.
1. I made an adjustment to the front panel and committed a cardinal pattern making sin and forgot to adjust the collar. So I had to fiddle with the front panels again – but this just made it sit very awkward.
2. MAKE YOUR NOTHCES people!! I didn’t and hence the lovely French Cuff Sleeve now sits toward the front of the shirt, rather than the side.
Overall - i'm happy with this shirt and know what I need to do for the next one I make!! But this is a lesson for all of us. Make a mock up garment in calico or scrap material first if you're trialling a new pattern!!


CurlyPops said...

I'm super impressed even with the little niggles. I couldn't even imagine the amount of work involved in making a business shirt!

Veronica Darling... said...

Just stop it right there... I read 'this is the first pattern I've made'..... is this right???

Do not worry about ANYTHING else here, because you actually drafted a pattern and not just any pattern... a freaking man's shirt! A man shirt is really hard to make, let alone draft!

Well done x a million! I'm very very proud! I've NEVER drafted a pattern, (apart from adjusting some existing patterns to my fit) so you're a dreamy seamstress!


yardage girl said...

This is pretty amazing for your first pattern - I'm really impressed. I agree with the calico thing (or opped fabric you don't love). At least you are now ready to make the perfect shirt! P.S. I haven't heard anyone say "spack attack" since school - thanks for the giggle!!

Caroline said...

Oh yeah I vouch for the calico version. If nothing else it gives you some practice around the tricky bits before you go ahead with the "real thing". I am super impressed you are making business shirts!