Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage Viewmaster Love

When I was younger my childhood friend-down-the-road had a viewmaster with 2 divine sets of reels- “The Wizard of Oz” being one and “Winnie the Pooh” the other. She must have got so sick of me saying “can I play with your viewmaster?” every time I went over to her place.

My parents didn’t see the value of a vewimaster so wouldn’t buy me one (please don’t read into this as an “emotionally damaged child” story or anything!!) But one day when rummaging through a church fete sale, I came across a 50c viewmaster with 1 reel and I was allowed to use my hard earned pocket money to purchase it. I think I managed to look at that 1 “Ghostbusters” reel a million times. I never bought any other reels…..until now.

The wonderful world of eBay allowed me to purchase my very own “Wizard of Oz” and “Winnie the Pooh” reels which are just as magical as they were when I was 5. I’ve actually purchased about 30 sets of vintage reels ranging from Vintage Disneyland scenes to Mary Poppins, to Christmas favourites such as the Little Drummer Boy and Rudolph (see my previous Rankin Bass post)

In fact eBay has allowed me to purchase many favourite childhood items – such as my Vintage viewers, (which were in Frankie!!) books, and other “3D Viewers” that I have always been fascinated with.

What favourite childhood items have you bought on eBay??

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Sally said...

My grandmother had a viewmaster at her place. Us grandchildren would squabble over taking a turn... from memory she only had 'herbie goes bananas' - it was wonderful!!!