Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What has become of Vinnies?

Japanese donkey S&P figurine - hidden with my other treasures

I know I’m selfish and a hypocrite but I loathe it when “MY vinnies” (well, my local one) becomes a hot-spot for every man and their dog when they have their 50% off sales!!

I adored my Vinnes a few years ago. Quiet, cheap and a cornucopia of precious items from local deceased estates. I’m an area that is evolving from an aged population to a younger, trendier one- a population that is cluey on thrifting.

Gone are the days where I would spend an hour trawling through wonderful linens – cross stitched table cloths and floral printed sheets. I was in my own little sanctuary with the only interruption from the kindly man from the front desk asking me if he could be of any assistance. Last weekend there was a QUEUE to look at the linen section – people were actually looking at their watches whilst make coughing noises in an attempt to intimidate me to move on.

I watched as people picked up delicate plates and then chucked them carelessly back on the pile. Another woman knocked over a whole basket of items simply scooped them all back up.

True, I managed to score these 3 treasures – and it WAS wonderful that with %50 offer they came to a total of $20 but I left the store sad and disappointed that my little treasure trove haven had been ‘raped and pillaged’ by vultures with no care for what they man-handled.

"Enchanted" patern Royal Albert Teacup (with my Gram Shirley in the background"

1973 Simplicity pattern

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Cass said...

That is so true Bec. I was in that Vinnies a few weeks ago and was very disappointed but I think it is a Vinnies trend in general