Monday, March 1, 2010

It’s beginning of the end for clutter!

Vinnies scored big-time this weekend with about 30 pairs of shoes, 20 or so handbags and wallets, 10 pairs of jeans and 3 boxes of other clothes and towels. I have started my “de-clutter = de-stress” project and it feels sooo good!

Now, my shoes all fit on my shoe rack! (click to enlarge image -I ADORE this vintage floral carpet that lines the cupboard. My grandparents brought it with them from their old home)

My bedside table is now visible, and not strewn with tarnishing $2 jewellery, bobby pins, magazines and newspapers! My African Violet also has a chance to survive now!

I was watching the Foxtel show “Hoarders” and I had a sickly reminder of myself (ok, well not nearly to the same extent) I keep EVERYTHING and it’s bumming me out big time! I didn’t realise just how much the clutter was stressing me out. I want a nice, clean house, where everything has a place- not just shoved somewhere random. It made cleaning a hassle and putting things away a nightmare.

If you’re short for time, you can stop reading now, as the following is just a bit of a rant…..
I’m also trying to buy less useless junk -do I REALLY need an avocado cutter when I own a knife? And why do I need a swiffer, a dustbuster, and a pusher thingy when I own a vacuum cleaner?? I find myself sucked into buying items that will reduce time, make my life easier when in reality all they do is clutter up my home after only being used once. I hate the fact that we live in such a “disposable” and “single purposed item” world – disposable wipes for your bathroom- MULTIPLE cleaning solutions that do the same thing 1 bottle of cleaner for shower, 1 for the sink cleaner another bottle for tiles. I’ve started to use a mixture of Lemon Oil, vinegar and bi-carb soda and it cleans BETTER than said cleaners. I think that’s why I hoard things though – because I hate to waste anything. But if I BUY less, then there’s less to waste. I know, I sound like a hypocrite when I’ve just posted the other day about buying copious amounts of glitter – but I make those things last and don’t waste them. Case in point: I still have my Derwent pencils in used, but perfect condition, from when I bought them from my hard earned pocket money at 13 years old.

This is thw pile for Vinnies and some recycling too..
If you’re still with me, thankyou for reading my rant. I feel a lot better now! Moral of my story
More quality + Less Crap= No clutter and LESS STRESS!! YAY!!!


Genki said...

Good on you! I know how the clutter starts to creep up... it gets very overwhelming.

The Crafty Librarian said...

Thursday, July 16 2009 I wrote this post:
I'm still attempting to declutter my life (as I buy more books, etc)
I recommend reading Sorted by Lisanne Oliver, lots of really good tips! I'm more time poor than anything, so that is my excuse :o)

Gina said...

Bec, that is a good rant to have! I think quite a few of us now who have grown up within the disposable/consumerist culture are only just seeing it for what it is, and starting to get mad (even if we're not consist about it yet). Decluttering is not about sorting everything in to yet more new containers and contraptions. Lots of it is about just having less. And wanting less (that's the tough bit). It's good not to waste things and to make them last, but as you say, if you don't buy it in the first place, it's not there to waste!

PS I would put your crafting items into the category of 'good clutter'! But I have different interpretations of clutter than some... here are my musings from when I started my blog

A Life So Peachy said...

I have been decluttering for the past couple of months and do a trip to an op shop almost every weekend (most of the time I only drop off). I packed up the house over the weekend (getting ready for the move) and am pleased to say that I had a minimal amount of 'useless junk' that will be going to the oppy this weekend. Seems my efforts might be working, I still have a lot of 'stuff' but once we are in the new house I'll reassess again and see what happens. You never know- by the end of the year I might be a minimalist!

i recently put in my google reader and have found some useful info


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Its funny, as a child I was a horder but then , when I moved overseas and backpacked around for 3 years I was really careful not to hoard now I am anti- cluterr. However, I married a major hoarder and it drives me mental. the best thing he can do is chuck.When I get home 0- about twice a year and he has a HUGE pile of stuff to take to the tip- I could cry with joy.
You will be amazed at how much money you can save by actually just asking yourself- do I really need this???

Kylie said...

You are so good! I wish I could do this... I can do it with the kids things but if it's mine and it's clothing or craft related - forget it! Needless to say they are the bulging items in this house ;) You will feel so cleansed when you're done - good on you Bec. Kx

PottyMouthMama said...

Good for you girl, that's inspiring. I want to know how you decided what to get rid of... I just cling on to things.. And cling. And cling. Even if I never use/wear them. I hate it! I need to let go. Tell me how to do it and I will try! x