Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whistle while you work

I went all out today- fifties style. Curled hair, fire engine red lippy and a nice head scarf completing the look. We weren't going anywhere- just kicking round the house. But I just wanted to doll myself up a bit while I did the housework then quilted!!

Does anyone else like to glam it up around the house?


Kylie said...

Fabulous look! I've been known to don a head scarf for cleaning. But whereas I end up looking like a Russian peasant woman, you, my dear, look tres glamourous :) K

Chauncey Gardiner said...
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Cath from chunkychooky said...

That is fantastic. I have been known to don heels around the house - just cos'.... but a whole outfit- fantastico!!!

Gina said...

Heck yeah! You look gorgeous. I like to get dressed in skirts and dresses these days even if I'm not going anywhere. And I wear a very over-the-top apron if I'm actually doing any housey stuff. Makes me feel happy.

pepper said...

you look so swell! I have tried to wear headscarves, and don't manage to look half that glamourous!
it is nice to glam it up sometimes, like wearing your prettiest knickers can give you a bounce in your step :)
x Pepper

CurlyPops said...

I've found that if I dress in daggy trackies, I inevitably feel lazy and end up on the couch, whereas if I get dressed properly, I clean up and get some crafty things done too.
I even wore red lippy yesterday too and I didn't leave the house!