Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nagging pays off.....

So after seeing Ms Clutterpunks to-die-for table, I nagged and nagged Mr Honi until we finally made the trip out to Ikea on the weekend to buy my very own.

I know that a poor tradesman blames his tools, but I have been struggling on my old table to complete Olivia’s quilt. The back side buckled and puckered because I was working on a very small table and wasn’t able to stretch the material out.

Now with my super-duper Norden gate leg table I have room to cut fabric and quilt with ease. And the sides fold down to the width of the drawers, meaning it can be packed away very neatly.

Mr Honi is also very happy as it means my sewing is restricted to this table and not strewn all over the dining table and living room!!

Girls, this is a highly recommended sewing table – maybe you can ask for one from Santa this year??


Bell said...

It looks like a great size table. Slightly smaller than the Horn Compact table without the hefty price tag!

veri maz said...

now if only i could get mr blue-eyes to use a sewing table and not strew his sewing all over the dining table :)