Friday, October 30, 2009

Living In...the Ladies Man

Taking the meme from my FAVOURTIE design blog Design*Sponge I have decided to do my own "Living in" theme today (See D*S' version here). Basically you pick a movie that you love and then use Polyvore to re-create the "feel" of the movie ie the decor, clothing or props etc.

I have picked the wonderful 1961 Jerry Lewis movie "The Ladies Man" which has the most magical doll's house style set. (sorry for the TV paused images!!)

Do you have a favourite movie that you'd like to live in?


beck said...

Mmmm..maybe Willy Wonka? I absolutely love the dolls house idea though, being a big fan of dolls houses and tiny furniture etc. How fun. I wouldn't mind also being living in National Velvet, but only if I could be Elizabeth Taylor. Now theres a good movie, must get that to watch with the girls sometime. Have a great weekend xo

Kylie said...

I LOVE this movie! One of my all-time favourites. Actually, any Jerry Lewis movie is fine by me :) Also very keen on Doris Day movies. Great post. K x