Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Husband the Jamie Drury wannabe

Mr Honi busted his guts the last couple of weekends to get the front and back gardens finished and then did a "backyard blitz" style reveal (where I had to close my eyes, then cry with delight when I saw the finished garden)

The Back Courtyard
Here's the "Mid Way" shot. I can't really call it the "before" shot though because it looked a hellava lot worse than this.

The courtyard was filled with so many plants that you could hardly open the back door!!!! We removed around 200 plastic pots!!!

The AFTER shot!! TA-DA!!

How neat does it look!! We've planted beautiful Gardenias alternating with lavender and 2 Yukkas. There are bamboo lantern poles with citronella wicks and solar powered garden lamps which look very pretty at night.
You can't see it, but to the left there is a small space where we'll attempt our own little vege garden (lets hope the possums don't attack this one!) and I'd like to have a citrus tree of some sort. Eden Gardens were selling Orange trees that had mandarin trees grafted to them, and Lemon trees that had a Lime tree graft. 2 trees in 1 - perfect for small gardens!!

Close Up Shot

and a close up of the Water feature and the BBQ area Mr Honi and Poppy Honi finished off on the weekend. There used to be 2 old miserable trees here that blocked out all the sunlight - stopping everything else from growing properly.

The Front Courtyard
The "Before" shot although again, this is only half the plants that were there. I must admit I adore plants, and this did feel very cosy but when it was messy, overgrown and filled with weeds

After Shot

Looking a lot cleaner and with so much more room to move. There's still a bit of work to do here- I'd like a day bed out there and some more "flower" pots not just plants.

Overall I think Mr Honi definitely did a good job of playing Jamie Drury!

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veri maz said...

nice job, bring on summer eh

good luck with the lavender & gardenias, i love fragrant plants and you can even use the lavender in crafty things too