Friday, September 11, 2009

Tea and Loveliness….

Darling readers, my sincerest “thankyou” for all of your lovely comments. I'm sitting here with a cuppa reading through everything you've written to me and I’m brimming with warm and fuzzy feelings. I’m continually amazed at the politeness, sweetness and supportive nature of the crafty blogger community.
I started this blog in May 07 and I don’t think I ever expected the directions this blog would take me. 320posts later and I’ve been a part of some truly wonderful things. I’ve made some really lovely friends especially through Brown Owls and I’ve loved going to Craft Fairs, having crafty meetings and pub catch-ups.

But most un-expected of all is the daily loveliness of all your comments. I’m overwhelmed at the inspiration I gain from having a look at all of your blogs. If you comment, I will always have a squiz at your blog. I may not always leave a comment – but I do try to:)

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog - even more so when you leave me such heart-warmingly beautiful comments. I respond to each and every one of you, but sometimes I get the no.reply@blogger email address and I just can’t find an email address in your blog to respond to you individually, so please don’t take it personally!

So thankyou, you’ve ALL made my day


Gina said...

You're welcome!
Am experiencing palpitations at the sight of those cup-and-saucer sets...

Kylie said...

You make my day too, Bec! It's always so lovely to read your comments :)
Love your china collection... what is it about mis-matched sets?... just love them!
Take care + happy blogging!
K x

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I love the tea cups too- they are gorgeous.
I do love the blogging community ot. people are so kind and supportive... its a great little community.... and I always felt I was welcomed with open arms.. I hope you do to