Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bick frum New Zilund

it's very hard type type with an accent isn't it........

After the mammoth move Mr Honi and I went to visit some of this family in New Zealand for 5 days It was a great little break but I only wish it had been longer!
Mr Honi bought me this gorgeous 70's style long neck cat filled with pretty flecks of Paua shell.

We've nearly finished the unpacking - only about 3 boxes to go then I think then we're done!! Still a lot of work to do in my "mini craft zone" but it's getting there and feeling nice and cosy. We have our engagement party this weekend, so hopefully after that I will have a lot of free time to get my crafty butt into gear :)

Stay tuned for some better and more interesting posts!!

Oh, and I bought myself a new camera!! WOO HOO!!!!

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Sherrin said...

gled you hed a good time!