Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 little projects..

...Well, my visit to the Young Blood Designers Market and the DesignBoom Mart at the Powerhouse Museum on Sunday certainly got my creative juices flowing!! My good Friend Anika (and her friend Svenja) had their '0049 Design' stall there which was really exciting. She makes some GORGEOUS things, like these felt boxes below. She's on Etsy too if you want to check it out!

The wonderfully supportive MrHoni said he'd divorce me (after we're married) next year if I don't get off my bum and actually start selling all the bits and pieces I make and talk about making.

So last night I managed to get 2 little projects off the ground!!
I've been really into and fascinated by Wire twisting lately and decided to use an old cordless drill to twist 4 bits of coloured wire (all stripped from an old television) together. I then wrapped the wire around nails that I hammered into a piece of wood in a circular pattern- and these twisty earrings above are the result. I'm pretty happy with them actually!

And this little munki man is the beginning of 2 projects - Mr Honi wanted a Tshirt with a monkey on it - so I'm going to try and either use fabric paint to stencil it on a shirt (or attempt screen printing!!) I also thought it would be a cute pattern for a few singlets I want to make for 2 dear friend who are having babies in a few months.

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AnastasiaC said...

i really need to visit these markets...ive heard great things about them and its so cool the Powerhouse promotes young artists/crafters!
yes, i was pleasantly suprised to be amongst such great aussie bloggers listed on blog is just a little piece of my everyday so very cool!!