Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Affair to remember....well a fair to remember actually

As promised, some pics from the Fair at Rose Seidler House. The place was chocker block with people - and a large majority were dressed in 50's get up. It was great. There were heaps of markets all selling vintage 50's items. I was surprisingly restrained - i think mainly because it was all a little expensive (and the fact that Mr Honi kept giving me the "where would we put that???" look)

The inside of the house has been kept as it was in 1950's including the appliances - I LOVED this mixer

and the furniture which Seidler also designed. There is a really funky mural on the outside wall

There were also heaps of people there showing off their vintage cars. This dude had an awesome little caravan too!

i REALLY wanted to go inside but you couldn't. It was completely decked out in 50's stuff. I was in heaven!!

So my purchases - a 1955 Home Beautiful magazine with some killer articles

hhmm..think I might get me one of those swanky hair-dos

and this GORGEOUS little bambi with the mama deer. I have wanted one like this for ages!!

I bought a little brooch and a kewpie doll too, but that was it :)

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