Monday, June 9, 2008

Complete kindnes in the mail, and a return to blogging

Yesterday, I visited Ma and Pa and was very excited to find an intriguing package waiting for me. I ripped it open like a child at chrissie and was completely stoked to find the most wonderful little selection of goodies!!

The darling Kyla over at "Two peas in a pod" had sent me a little gift to "brighten my day" and did it ever. It was such a lovely, random, sweet gesture and I appreciated it sooo much. A million thankyous :)

Made me realise how much I have missed blogging and reading all the other wonderful blogs out there, with all of you kind hearted, thoughful bloggers :)

I have had a completely hectic month - here it is in a few words.....Hens Day, Bridesmaid, work presentation (talking in front of 1200 people)......Sydney>Adelaide>Sydney>Hunter Valley>Sydney>Brisbane>Sydney>Brisbane>Sydney>Melbourne>FINALLY HOME AGAIN!

Kyla, you have inspired me to get back into my blogging no matter how busy I am.
So to start me back into the swing, here is the progress of my quilt....
I am determined to have it finished before the end of Winter.
AND, I am super excited about the quilting and craft fair on next weekend, and Mr Honi has kindly agreed to join me....poor poppet will be frightfully bored, but at least I have someone to hold my shopping ;) He is a darling, who "gets me" and my crafting :)


Two Peas In a Pod said...

Oh, yay, you got it. Im so glad you are back. I do quite enjoy reading your blog and was a bit worried when you havent been around. Glad you are back and glad you liked your gift!!
Happy blogging.

BigCat said...

Kyla is such a legend isn't she. I just found your blog via her. Anyway, I'm glad you're back because now I will have another regular place to visit.

BigCat said...

Oh, and I meant to say, that quilt is amazing. How wonderful will it be to cosy up underneath it through the worst of winter.

Juddie said...

Oh! that quilt looks fabulous! I've never done any quilting before, but when I see lovely pieces like this I do feel inspired to learn ....