Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well this is a pattern that I am using from here: "The Pattern Bee"
It's a cute little lambkin pattern. My first attempt (above) was a little skewif - and the little dears legs don't work properly. I've called him "Lamey"

The second one was much better and has a "retro" feel to him. This one will be going to the Mirabel Foundation via Mikes.

The Third one is my best yet. She's still a little wonky on her legs, but she stands a lot better than Lamey does! This little lambkin is going to a christmas charity box we are collecting at work.

The whole family (you can really see how much better I get at making them!!)

I'll make a few more over the weekend - they're rather theraputic to make actually!!

OOooo..good news - Lady Aimz and I are having another stall! This time at a Rotary luncheon. The bad news is we only found out about it yesterday, which means I'll be up till the wee hours making things to sell!! Am super excited though :)

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