Sunday, August 5, 2007

Thrifting Goodness..

I had a lovely stroll around the Rozelle Markets today- I haven't been there in yonks. The LNB (lovely new boy) came with me - in fact it was his suggestion!!! (what a find ;)!! )

I was drawn to purchase a million goodies, but restrained myself to the following items

2 Sweet little teacups and saucers - $2 each!!! They are so delicate - they're almost "dolls tea party" sized.

A set of floral print vintage cigarette cards. They were a little exy at $20 for the pack, but I just couldn't go past them!!

A Camellia (spl?) Tin for $5. It's a little damaged, but I just adored the colours. The pictures don't really do it justice, but they're really vivid blues and fuchsias.

And last but not least, a vintage (can 80's be called vintage yet???) Woman's Weekly Cookbook. My mum has this one too - and I cook a mean Strawberry Shortcake from it, so I decided to buy one for myself.

However, despite the Strawberry Shortcake recipe in it, I REALLY bought it for the killer recipe for "Brawn" in it.

One night, one of my girlfriends and I literally nearly wet ourselves reading the description...

mmmmmm...Yum. Come Summer, I'll be cooking some old fashioned Brawn

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