Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thrifing Tuesday

There is a devine little thrift shop down Blues Point Rd in North Sydney, (think it's called Poppy's) that I have been DYING to go into. Its only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-3, and I finally got time to go in today.

It is run by two funny little old ladies who are just so precious.

Today I picked up 2 vintage gift cards, 9 tortoise shell buttons, and a minature box with 3 old medicine jars filled with tiny little beads.
I asked the price, and she "ummed and arrhhhed" for a few minutes - tyring to remember if the cards were 10c or 20c, and the beads box had what looked like 50c, but she said "hmm...looks like 5c"

I said "I'll give you $5 for the lot" just because I felt terrible taking a box of beads for 5c!!!! She bluntly refused and said "no dear, you can give me $2 for the lot thankyou very much"

I think she felt she was ripping me off, and I was (although stoked) embarassed by only paying $2!! Anyway, here's my "Thrifting Tuesday" booty!!

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