Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One week to go

Ive greatly neglected this blog... But I've been busy making my greatest project yet... This little critter! I've been busy with awful morning sickness, tiredness, nesting and setting up the baby's room. There's been a lot of crafting but I've only been updating instagram (am honidesign on there too).

So now I have I week to go till bubba long legs arrives and I promise I'll update this blog with some piccies when he or she enters this world.


Cass said...

Congratulations Bec can't wait to see pictures of your little bundle. Nice to see you back in this space

PaperLion said...

Hi Bec

Congrats! I'm just a little behind you at 30 weeks! Best wishes for your little ones arrival and maybe we need to plan a baby owls get-together towards the end of the year!