Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walking to Work Tuesday

A while ago, I decided to play the game “30 days of the everyday” and take a picture every day for a whole month. It was loads of fun and it made me look at what was around me and enjoy my travels to and from work. Mr Honi and I go in to work together each morning, but this morning he had to be somewhere else so I decide to take some piccies. I think I might kick this little photo project off again….
These were my pictures this morning....Some beautiful red leaves
Speed signs on the road. I love the "Vingette" appliction on my HTC dream phone - you can get so creative with it!!
My fave building - it reminds me of something you'd see in America in the Deep South (not that I've ever been to the Deep South!"

What do you see on your way to work?


Cass said...

I love that buildign too Bec. When I was little I remember I always thought it looked like the I imagined the White House would.

kewpie said...

airplanes! quite distracting as planes approaching Kingsford Smith ard on their final approach over North Ryde and Lane Cove (wheels come down)....